“You Have Been Loved” - Sia

You Have Been Loved - Sia


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Album (All Songs) : Some People Have Real Problems

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“You Have Been Loved” Lyrics

You shot me up, yeah
You filled my cup, oh
You sailed my boat
You were my last hope
You took my very last hope away

Oh you, you will be loved by someone good
And you, you will be loved by somebody good
You have been loved

You dropped the bomb
And now you're gone
I held you dear
You swallowed my fears
And now I've drunk my last beer with you

Oh you, you have been loved by someone good
Yeah you, you will be loved
Oh will you ever know
That the bitterness and anger left me long ago
Only sadness remains
And it will pass

Yeah you you will be loved by somebody good
By somebody good

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